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Introducing 3D Protect Archive Armour

Discover the ultimate all-in-one protection solution for your collectible trading cards with the 3D Protect Archive Armour. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to safeguard and display your collection with confidence, ensuring its longevity and pristine condition.

Comprehensive 4-Part System

The 3D Protect Archive Armour features a four-part system, providing multiple layers of protection for your valuable cards. This set includes tight fit sleeves, standard fit sleeves, Signature Series Toploaders, and Toploader Resealable Sleeves, offering unparalleled security for your collection.

Tight Fit Sleeves for Double-Sleeving

The Archive Armour set includes 100 tight fit sleeves, designed for a snug and secure fit around your cards. These sleeves make double-sleeving effortless, providing a strong foundation for the standard fit sleeves to be placed over the top.

Standard Fit Sleeves for Outer Protection

This set also contains 100 standard fit sleeves, which act as an outer layer of protection for your cards. These sleeves offer a looser fit for easy application and removal, making them ideal for situations where double-sleeving is preferred or required.

Signature Series Toploaders for Ultimate Protection

The Archive Armour set features 100 Signature Series Toploaders, providing the highest level of protection for your cards. These toploaders are made from the highest clarity materials available, ensuring a flawless display of your collection while keeping it safe from damage.

Toploader Resealable Sleeves for Added Security

To complete the protection system, the Archive Armour set includes 100 Toploader Resealable Sleeves. These sleeves encase your toploaders, offering an extra layer of security and ensuring that your cards remain in perfect condition at all times.

Key Features Summary

  • All-in-one protection solution for trading cards
  • Includes 100 tight fit sleeves for double-sleeving
  • Features 100 standard fit sleeves for outer protection
  • Contains 100 Signature Series Toploaders for ultimate security
  • Comes with 100 Toploader Resealable Sleeves for added safety
  • Instruction sheet included for guidance
  • Trusted 3D Protect brand for premium quality and performance

All-In-One Protection: The Archive Armour top loaders set is a 4-tier protection system, perfect to safeguard your precious collectibles! This card sleeve bundle comes with 100 x Signature Series, 100 x Standard Fit, 100 x Tight Fit card sleeves and 100 x Resealable sleeves that can accommodate all your card storage & organization needs!

The Signature Series: Our Signature Series toploader card sleeves stand out from the crowd with an ultra-clear, transparent design that not only keeps your cards safe but also ensures a flawless, unobstructed display!

Standard Fit Cards: The Standard Fit clear card sleeves add an extra layer of protection and feature a looser fit, ideal for easy access and manoeuvrability. Made with acid and PVC-free materials, these card sleeves are a great choice for passionate collectors!

Tight-Fitting Sleeves: The Tight Fit collector-graded card sleeves feature a perfect fit that protects the cards without feeling bulky. Also, it allows you to add an extra layer with our Standard Fit sleeves, for enhanced safety and maximum protection!

Resealable Team Bags: These resealable team bags are specially designed to add extra protection to your top loaders. With a tight fitting and crystal clear design, these sleeves protect against moisture, deterioration, dirt and dust without affecting the card aesthetics

3D-Protect is your trusted supplier of premium quality trading card protection accessories and solutions, specially designed for collectors all over the world. We are working with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and high-grade materials to develop reliable card protection products that will impress in terms of durability, functionality and aesthetics. If you are not 100% pleased with your purchase, we are always at your disposal for any issues or concerns.

Archive Armour Card Sleeves – All-in-One Protection and Display

Stop looking for the right card sleeves for your rare cards because the Archive Armour collection has all the card protectors you need! This 4-in-1 set includes our 3D-Protect Signature Series, Tight Fit, Standard Fit and Resealable Sleeves that will meet all your card storage, display and organization needs! Our top loader card set is designed to offer ultimate 4-tier protection for your precious cards, keeping them clean, safe and protected against deterioration, scratches, moisture or abrasions without sacrificing their aesthetics and beauty!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of our Archive Armour set:

• Archive Armour 4-part protection system by 3D-Protect

• Includes 100 x Signature Series, 100 x Standard Fit, 100 x Tight Fit card sleeves and 100 x Resealable sleeves

• Ideal system for single or multi-layering

• Made with PVC and acid-free materials

• Compatible with Pokemon cards, Yugioh cards, anime, sports, baseballs, football, basketball, K-pop, cartoon, and other cards

• Excellent fit for maximum protection

• Safeguard against water damage, dirt, dust, impurities, abrasions, scratches, deterioration

• Superior clarity and transparency

• Premium quality card protector sleeves

• Collector-grade

• Includes instruction sheet

It’s easy to protect your cards and display them with pride with the Archive Armour top loader sleeves!